If you’ve been in even just one new age/metaphysical/witchy store, you’ve probably seen bottles of Florida Water, which look like this:

And, if you’ve never used it, but have wondered exactly why a cologne is sold alongside other spiritual and metaphysical products, here’s why!

History of Florida Water

Florida water is popular in Western magick traditions, especially Afro-Carribean, Hoodoo, and Central and South American practices. The version used in America is actually thought to have originated in New Orleans, after French immigrants brought eau de colognes with them to the Americas.

The Florida Water made in the US is actually less strong than the typical French perfumes and colognes of the time, as around the late 18th and early 19th century, Americans were still influenced by religious overtones, especially those that implied that strong perfumes and colognes were offensive to God.

The actual brand named Florida Water (pictured above) has been in production in the US since 1808 by a company that is now called Lannman & Kemp. The company that makes this particular brand has used the same recipe for its product since inception in 1808 by Robert L. Murray, in New York City.

There is also a popular Florida water manufactured in Hong Kong labeled as the ‘Two Girls’ brand, which has similar constituents and properties as the Lanman & Kemp product.

Magickal Uses of Florida Water

  1. It is a spiritually purifying cleanser. It can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients to cleanse and remove negative or bad spiritual energies from people, objects, and even buildings. You may even know of people who make a cleanser with this and distilled water and wash their floors and walls to remove or repel evil spirits.
  2. Worn on the body as a protective element against negative or evil spirits, especially when working with the spirit world or doing divination.
  3. To cleanse, purify, and/or bless ritual tools, it can be applied to blades, candles, and other items y0u use in spells and rituals.
  4. An offering to spirit guides or ancestors. If you’re working with ancestors, especially if your ancestors come from peoples who follow any of the aforementioned ethnic or cultural spiritual traditions, Florida Water is usually a very well-received altar offering.
  5. A blessing or anointing medium for people, items, and pets.
  6. A spray for clothes, sheets, furniture, or other textiles to freshen their energy, remove negative or bad energies, and bring calm vibes to them.
  7. As a substitute for Holy Water, if you cannot find that locally

Beyond just the standard uses to dab on yourself as protection or purification, there are actually quite a few other ways you could use Florida Water in your daily routines too add some magickal intention and infuse yourself and your space with plenty of positive, uplifting vibes.

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